Image of exercise equipment at Peak Fitness Afton, WY location

2 Locations

Location is no longer a barrier! Peak Fitness Star Valley has 2 locations-Afton and Thayne, Wyoming-both of which can be accessed with a key card to help make it easier to make time for your health!

Commercial Equipment

Commercial Strength Training equipment-such as squat racks, bench press, cable machines, and Smith machine to help you build and maintain muscle mass. Peak also has state of the art cardio equipment-such as treadmills, ellipticals, rowers and bikes-to name a few-to help you burn fat and increase endurance!

Extra Features

Peak Fitness Star Valley also boasts other features like group fitness classes, massage chairs, tanning beds, nutritional supplements, and Specialists to assist you in your journey to health! We also provide bathrooms and showers at both locations.

image of some of the supplements-1st Phorm-offered at Peak Fitness Star Valley.

Peak Fitness Star Valley

Find your peak physique!

Are you ready to smash your fitness goals? Are you ready to no only look great, but FEEL great? Are you looking for a community to help you achieve your goals and encourage you along the way? A gym membership to Peak Fitness Star Valley Can help!

Our Services:

Commercial Grade Exercise Equipment

Group Fitness Classes

Personal Trainers

Nutritionists and Supplements


Massage Chairs

Ready to find your Peak Physique?

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